Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in LASUTH, Nigeria | Patient Reviews and Recent Advancements

The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) is a prominent healthcare facility in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. LASUTH was established in 1955 by the Western Regional Government. It serves as the teaching hospital for Lagos State University College of Medicine. LASUTH is significant in providing healthcare services, medical education, and research opportunities in Lagos State and its surroundings. LASUTH aims to increase the number of healthcare facilities to train more doctors in the area and provide professional care with high-quality medical services. The general hospital upgraded to modern with advanced equipment. The Lagos State Government formally changed the Ikea General Hospital to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in 2001. Let’s find out more about Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in LASUTH.

Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
Cost Standard
Doctors & Surgeons Best & Leading
Specialization Bone Marrow Transplants and others
Availability Lagos, Nigeria
Technology Advanced at a limited level
Insurance Coverage Accept
Reviews Good
Ratings 4
Hours 24 hours
Consultation Charges $12 – $50

LASUTH Accreditations and Recognitions

LASUTH, being a major teaching hospital in Nigeria, has been recognized for its contributions to healthcare, medical education, and medical research in Lagos State and beyond. 

LASUTH obtains accreditation with an advanced diploma in hospital administration and management. According to LASUTH management, this accreditation helps the excellence of the hospital’s commitment to healthcare service and dedication toward nurturing the next generation of healthcare administrators.

According to LASUTH management, this diploma program is open to various people, including freshers seeking to specialize in healthcare management and current healthcare professionals aiming to improve their administrative skills who aspire to transform healthcare sectors.


LASUTH CMD WINS TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER AWARD in 2023, awarded by the Office of Transformation, creativity, and Innovation. LASUTH actively engaged in the Lagos State Public Service Ideas Day Competition, held under the theme of “Building a Future-Ready Public Service,” hosted at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium in Alausa.

Bone Marrow Transplant Services Offered by LASUTH, Nigeria

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in LASUTH, Nigeria

Types of Bone Marrow Transplant Average Cost in Naira – NGN Average Cost in USD
Allogenic (Full Match – Leukemia, AML, ALL, Sickel Cell Anemia, Thalassemia) 1,18,72,501 ₦ $15,038
Allogenic (Half Match – Leukemia, AML, ALL, Sickel Cell Anemia, Thalassemia) 1,47,66,808 ₦ $18,704
An allogeneic transplant from a non-relative full match 2,24,47,064 ₦ $28,432
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant 1,85,00,000 ₦ $23,433
Umbilical cord blood (UCB) transplant 1,79,55,599 ₦ $22,743

Different Types of BMT Offered at LASUTH

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant in LASUTH, Nigeria

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant is helpful for patients suffering from diseases like Leukemia, AML, ALL, sickle cell Anemia, and Thalassemia. This BMT allogeneic replaces the damaged cells with healthy, full-matched stem cells collected from a genetically matched donor such as a sibling.

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure: Healthy BMT cells are collected from a donor; with the help of chemotherapy or radiation, the damaged cells will be destroyed, followed by healthy cell transplants.

Average Cost: $15,038

Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplants (Half Match) in LASUTH, Nigeria

Half-match allogenic bone marrow transplants are also called haploidentical transplants. In this BMT, the donor is half-match to the patient. The donor for half-match BMT can be a parent, sibling, or child who shares half of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA). Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplants Half Match is helpful for diseases like Leukaemia, AML, ALL, Sickle Cell Anemia, Thalassemia.

Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplants (Half Match) Procedure: Half-matched BMT is done similarly to a full match. It is often used for replacing cancer cells through graft-versus-tumour (GVT).

Average Cost: $18,704

An Allogeneic Transplant from a Non-Relative Full Match in LASUTH, Nigeria

An allogeneic transplant involving a non-relative full match refers to a stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant procedure where the donor is not from a family member (non-relative) but still has a full match of HLA (human leukocyte antigen). The allogeneic non-relative full match aims to collect healthy stem cells and replace the diseased cells for conditions like blood disorders, lymphoma, leukemia, and genetic diseases.

Average Cost: $28,432

Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) Transplant in LASUTH, Nigeria

LASUTH offers umbilical cord blood transplant. It is also called a cord blood transplant, which is collected from the umbilical cord and placenta of a newborn baby after birth. This blood is rich in hematopoietic stem cells like bone marrow and stored for future use.

Umbilical cord blood (UCB) transplant Procedure: After the baby’s birth, the blood is collected from the umbilical cord and placenta using a sterile procedure. This blood is tested, processed, and stored in a cord blood bank for future use. Umbilical cord blood is helpful for lymphoma, leukemia, and certain genetic disorders.

Average Cost:$22,743

Best Doctors for Bone Marrow Transplant in LASUTH, Nigeria 

Uche Ebele Ifeyinwa

Specialization: Hemoglobinopathies And Transfusion Medicine

Department: Hematology and Blood Transfusion

Necessary Tests Before Bone Marrow Transplantation Procedure

Tests How do they help?
Blood Tests Detect Infections
Tissue Typing (HLA Typing) Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing helps to assess the compatibility between the donor and recipient.
Cross-Matching This test ensures compatibility between the donor’s and recipient’s blood to reduce the risk of rejection or graft failure.
Immunological Tests This test assesses the recipient’s immune system function and determines the complications such as graft-versus-host disease (GVHD)
Heart and Lung Function Tests Evaluations such as echocardiograms, electrocardiograms (ECG/EKG), and pulmonary function tests help assess heart and lung function to ensure that the patient can tolerate the stress of the transplant procedure.
Liver and Kidney Function Tests These Tests are done to assess the liver and kidney function to ensure these organs can handle the stress of high-dose chemotherapy or radiation and the subsequent transplant process.
Bone Marrow Biopsy: A bone marrow biopsy may help to evaluate the health of the patient’s bone marrow and confirm the diagnosis of the hidden condition needing the transplant.
Infectious Disease Screening Screening for infectious diseases, including viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, is crucial to prevent post-transplant complications.
Pregnancy Test (for female recipients) If applicable, a pregnancy test is performed for female recipients to ensure they are not pregnant before undergoing the transplant procedure.

How do you Schedule a Consultation at LASUTH for Bone Marrow Transplants?

Patients must visit the hospital to schedule an appointment for an overall medical checkup.

In-Person Visit: Visit LASUTH in person. The hospital’s reception or patient services desk can guide scheduling a consultation for a bone marrow transplant. They can assist with the necessary paperwork, provide information on open dates, and guide you through the process.

Referral from a Physician: If another doctor or healthcare provider referred you, they might assist in booking the consultation. Ask your doctor to help facilitate the appointment or provide a referral letter.

LASUTH Hospital Online Appointment: Some hospitals, including LASUTH, might have an online appointment scheduling system. Visit their official website and complete the contact form to request an appointment or consultation online. Fill in the necessary details and specify the reason for consultation (bone marrow transplant).

Facilities and Technology at LASUTH 

LASUTH provides modern facilities and advanced infrastructure, which includes:

Surgical Emergency Center at LASUTH 

This center offers services to a critical lifeline in hospitals, immediate care, and swift interventions for patients experiencing acute surgical conditions. The surgical emergency center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, skilled surgeons, and a specialized nursing team.

Patient Monitoring Devices

LASUTH offers patient monitoring devices to periodically track vital signs, physiological parameters, and other health indicators. Essential devices include blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, Electrocardiogram machines, pulse oximeters, and professional observation to help patient health.

Blood Cell Counting Machines: 

Instruments that investigate blood samples to track blood cell counts, including white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

Intensive Care Bone Marrow Transplant Centres In Nigeria

LASUTH offer ICUs for patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. The specialized units in hospitals are equipped with advanced medical technologies, and skilled staff manage the following:

  • Close monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.
  • Post-transplant care after transplant helps to prevent the high risk of infections, bleeding, and weakened immune system.

Laboratory Centre at LASUTH for Bone Marrow Transplant

A laboratory center for BMT serves as a crucial facility within a medical institution with specialized comprehensive testing and analysis care for bone marrow transplant procedures. The laboratory center offers skilled technicians and hematopathologists who do various tests, including HLA typing, blood cell counting, infectious disease screening, compatibility testing, and specializing tests to assess the health and quality of harvested bone marrow or stem cells. The laboratory center at LASTH is vital for ensuring transplant procedures’ safety, compatibility, and success by offering accurate results.

Latest Developments and Updates at LASUTH: Recent Progress and Advancements

According to recent news from The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, they have progressed in providing the latest ICUs and operating equipment stated by the Chief Medical Director of the government hospital, Prof. Adetokunbo Fabamwo, during the commissioning ceremony. The hospital has acquired 5 new ventilators, 4 new cardiac monitors, 4 theater spaces equipped with 4 new anesthetic machines.

Patient Satisfaction Survey: Assessing Bone Marrow Transplant Experience at LASUTH, Nigeria

According to Expert Chikitsa, a survey conducted on 688 people who had bone marrow transplants in Nigeria was recently shown to determine the patients’ satisfaction rate and willingness to recommend the services and treatments. Here is the breakdown of potential points to consider while choosing The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) in Nigeria.

Questionnaire Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied
Hospital Services 95% 4% 1% 0%
BMT Cost and Financial Aspects 78% 10% 9% 1%
BMT Pre-transplant consultation process 74% 18% 6% 2%
Responsiveness of BMT Surgeons 87% 7% 3% 3%
Communication and Support 63% 19% 7% 1%
Post-Transplant Care of BMT 85% 11% 3% 1%
Willingness to recommend LASUTH 76% 15% 7% 2%
Overall satisfaction level (1-10) 9 6 4 0

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Lasuth?

Lasuth aims to help people have good health by providing the latest innovations and education in a safe and compassionate environment.


How much does a bone marrow transplant cost in Nigeria?

Bone marrow transplant cost in Nigeria is $50,000 and Above.


What is bone marrow transplant for sickle cell age limit?

Children younger than 16 with severe complications from diseases are eligible.


What is a bone marrow transplant for sickle cell in Nigeria?

Bone marrow transplants for sickle cell disease in Nigeria cost around N25 million.

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