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BGS Global Hospital is famous for the Bone Marrow transplants in Bangalore, with the best bone marrow transplant doctors. The top bone marrow transplant surgeons lead the hospital in Bangalore. The hospital has completed bone marrow treatment in Bangalore at the most competitive cost of bone marrow surgery in Bangalore. BMT cost in BGS Global Hospital is around $33000. BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, one of Bangalore’s premier multispecialty hospitals, is a cutting-edge NABH facility specializing in multi-disciplinary tertiary specialties.

Working with the best bone marrow transplant doctors in Bangalore, BGS Global Hospital brings together a wealth of experience and diverse knowledge, which has aided us in becoming one of the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in Bangalore. In Bangalore, advanced blood cancer treatment facilities with superior diagnostics and low bone marrow transplant costs are available.

Bone Marrow Transplant cost in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Because of the hospital’s professional surgeons and high-quality services, Bangalore is one of the top cities for bone marrow transplants. The cost of BMT at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore is approximately $29850.

Bone Marrow Transplant cost in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore Average Cost in USD Average Cost in INR
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant  $ 17,882 ₹ 14,30,528
Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant  $ 29,464 ₹ 23,57,120
Umbilical cord Blood Transplant  $ 29,870 ₹ 23,89,632
Full Match Allogenic BMT  $ 29,870 ₹ 23,89,632
Half Match Allogenic BMT  $ 39,827 ₹ 31,86,176

Why Choose BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore for Bone Marrow Transplant?

BGS Global Hospital has the best surgeons for BTM in Bangalore; the surgeons here are well-trained and experienced and have a high success rate for treatment.

The patients get world-class services in BGS Global hospital, and the staff is trained and polite. With the BTM procedure, patients get satisfying results as the hospital use top technologies and advanced equipment in Bangalore.

The BMT cost in BGS Global hospital is also very low, this is the reason many people get attracted as the hospital provides the best treatment at an affordable price.

BMT cost in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Bone Marrow Transplant cost in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore Average Cost in USD (Full Match) Average Cost in USD (Half Match)
Acute Myeloid Leukemia – AML  $ 29,870 $40,325
Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia – ALL  $ 30,277 $40,874
Leukemia  $ 30,886 $41,697
Sickle Cell Anemia  $ 31,090 $41,971
Thalassemia  $ 29,972 $40,462
Multiple Myeloma  $ 30,175 $40,737
Paediatric Neuroblastomas  $ 30,175 $40,737
Pediatric Immunodeficiencies  $ 30,582 $41,285
Cancer Cells Solid  $ 30,785 $41,559
Autoimmune diseases  $ 29,921 $40,394
Amyloidosis  $ 29,972 $40,462
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma  $ 30,124 $40,668

BMT Package in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

One of Bangalore’s top BMT hospitals is BGS Global Hospital. The facility employs skilled surgeons who perform BMT proficiency while utilizing the newest and most cutting-edge technologies. The BMT package costs in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore, about $31500, which is significantly less than in any other nation. BMT cost in BGS Global Hospital is minimal, but the procedure is incredibly effective. Consultation, testing, locating a bone marrow match, administering the procedure, and post-operative care are all included in the bone marrow transplant package.

Conditions treated by BMT in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

  • Leukemia
  • Severe aplastic anemia
  • Lymphomas
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Immune deficiency disorder
  • Some solid-tumor cancer

BMT Reviews for BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore is a well-known Bangalore BMT hospital. Bangalore is a famous BMT destination around the world. The BMT cost at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore, is quite affordable, but the hospital’s services are world-class. Surgeons in this facility have extensive experience, having done several makeovers and effectively treating malignant conditions. Many overseas patients choose BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore because they offer unique services for international patients like as travel, lodging, and language interpretation.

What common Types of BMT are provided in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore?

Allogeneic BMT in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore:

The recipient and the donor share the same genetic makeup. By either bone marrow harvest or apheresis, stem cells are removed from a donor who genetically matches the patient, such as a sibling. Parents, strangers discovered via national bone marrow registries, etc. are examples of additional donors. One of Bangalore’s top medical facilities for allogeneic bone marrow transplants is BGS Global Hospital.

Autologous BMT in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore:

The patient serves as the donor in this kind of transplant. After extensive therapy, the patient’s frozen stem cells are removed via bone marrow harvest or apheresis (a procedure collecting peripheral blood stem cells). Instead of using the word transplant, doctors frequently use the term rescue. One of Bangalore’s top facilities for autologous bone marrow transplants is BGS Global Hospitals.

BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore Facilities for International Patients

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Medical Consultation 24 x 7
  • Technological Advancements
  • Video Conferencing
  • Pioneering Treatments
  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Patient Experience
  • Post Surgery Care
  • Transparency and Ethics
  • Follow up with Doctor

Leukemia treatment by BMT in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

All trans-retinoic acid (ATRA), vitamin supplements, and arsenic are used in combination with chemotherapy to treat this kind of leukemia. Most patients receive this therapy across several cycles. A bone marrow transplant is necessary. The two objectives of induction chemotherapy are to eliminate leukemia cells from the blood and bone marrow and inducing remission. The condition is said to be in complete remission if there are no detectable leukemia cells in the blood or bone marrow and blood levels are normal without transfusions.

Sickle cell treatment by Bone marrow Transplant in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

A stem cell transplant may be able to treat sickle cell anemia. However, only children under the age of 16 with significant disease-related problems are often given consideration. A donor with almost identical bone marrow is used to harvest bone marrow stem cells for the transplant. Most commonly, this is a sibling or sister in good health.

The sickle cell disease patient is subsequently treated with medications that kill the bone marrow cells in the patient. The donated bone marrow stem cells are then put into a vein. After the procedure is finished, the recipient’s bone marrow begins to be replaced by the donor’s bone marrow. The immune system is rebuilt by these new cells, which produce healthy red blood cells.

Does BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore accept Insurance coverage for Bone Marrow transplants?

With long-standing agreements and collaborations with some of the top health insurance carriers in India, BGS Global Hospital Bangalore can assist patients in obtaining speedy clearance for their medical needs. BGS Global Hospital Bangalore collaborates with various health insurance partners to ensure each patient has a smooth and effective approval system. Through this relationship, patients can comprehend the coverage, the requirements to qualify, and the acceptable amount of coverage.

FAQs on BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Which physicians perform bone marrow transplants in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore?

Oncologists and other doctors with expertise in bone marrow transplantation do the surgery.

Where can I find BMT in BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore Reviews?

You can find Bone Marrow Transplantation Reviews for BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore here.

How can I book an appointment for a Bone marrow transplant at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore?

You can contact us to get an appointment for BMT at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore with the best surgeon.

What is BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore’s Address?

BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore: 67, Uttarahalli Main Rd, Sunkalpalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060

Where can I find BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore‘s Doctors list?

Get BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore’s Doctor list at their website or here.

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