Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal

A medical technique called a bone marrow transplant is used to restore bone marrow that has been harmed or destroyed by illness, viral infection, or chemotherapy. During this operation, blood stem cells are transplanted into the bone marrow where they make new blood cells and encourage the development of new marrow. A frequent illness among several ethnic groups in Nepal is sickle cell anemia, which can be effectively treated with a bone marrow transplant.

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Nepal

Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Nepal Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Nepalese rupee
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant USD 37,510 NPR 48,47,099
Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant USD 61,806 NPR 79,86,664
Umbilical cord Blood Transplant USD 55,413 NPR 71,60,551
Full Match Allogenic BMT USD 62,659 NPR 80,96,890
Half Match Allogenic BMT USD 83,545 NPR 1,07,95,811

Why choose Nepal for BMT?

Bone marrow transplants are conducted in Nepal for a variety of reasons. Although this operation is used to treat a number of ailments, it is most commonly utilized to treat blood cancer patients. It is used to treat diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, and aplastic anemia. Many hospitals in Bangladesh perform stem cell transplantation. These facilities contain all of the essential equipment for removing and transplanting bone marrow cells.

Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal

Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal Average Cost in USD (Full Match) Average Cost in USD (Half Match)
Acute Myeloid Leukemia – AML $44,250 $59,738
Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia – ALL $48,675 $65,711
Leukemia $49,560 $66,906
Sickle Cell Anemia $50,003 $67,503
Thalassemia $51,330 $69,296
Multiple Myeloma $53,100 $71,685
Paediatric Neuroblastomas $45,135 $60,932
Pediatric Immunodeficiencies $42,038 $56,751
Cancer Cells Solid $53,985 $72,880
Autoimmune diseases $57,525 $77,659
Amyloidosis $64,163 $86,619
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma $58,853 $79,451

Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal Reviews

Bone marrow transplants are available at many top-tier hospitals in Nepal that are outfitted with cutting-edge technology. The facilities provide economical healthcare and effective medical treatments. Bone Marrow Transplant Reviews in Nepal are really favorable. Visitors to the country for BMT benefit not only from first-rate hospitality services but also from the rich culture that fosters regeneration.

Why bone marrow transplant is done?

Some people with blood malignancies and blood diseases may be cured with a bone marrow transplant, while others may live longer without the condition. One of the biggest and most seasoned bone cell transplant programs in the world.

Type of Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal

Autologous BMT in Nepal:

A transplant known as an autologous one makes use of the patient’s stem cells. These cells are prepared in advance and afterward reintroduced to the patient. Patients with multiple myeloma, lymphoma, etc. may benefit from this kind of transplant.

Allogeneic BMT in Nepal:

In an allogeneic transplant, the patient receives bone marrow or stem cells from another person, typically a sibling or unrelated donor whose HLA is compatible with their own. This kind of transplant is used to treat severe genetic diseases such as immunological deficiencies, aplastic anemia, and thalassemia, among others.

How Leukemia is treated by Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal?

Leukemia is cancer that typically develops from bone marrow-based blood-forming cells. Your body’s big bones are home to bone marrow. Almost 80% of the blood cells are created in the bone marrow. Many people with leukemia go on to enjoy long, productive lives with the correct care. Bone marrow transplant doctors with decades of expertise are among the experts.

Facilities for International Patients in Nepal

  • World-class services at affordable rates
  • Skilled and well-qualified doctors
  • Customized services
  • Use of cutting-edge technology
  • Schedule standard pre-surgical tests required
  • Describe your pre- and post-operative medication to you
  • Make sure you receive a thorough documented medical report when you are released
  • Accommodation
  • Connectivity Access
  • Airport pick-up & drop
  • Currency exchange
  • Payment
  • Insurance

Insurance Coverage of Bone Marrow Transplant in Nepal

Nepal is a popular destination for BMT. The hospitals in Nepal accept insurance coverage from top international insurance providers. As Bone Marrow Transplant is done to cure cancerous diseases, insurance companies provide insurance coverage for BMT in Nepal.

BMT Success Rate in Nepal

Blood cancer patients have a recovery rate of 40–50% while recipients of bone marrow have a recovery rate of 70–80%. Bone marrow transplants can improve a patient’s chance of survival, but they can also lead to life-threatening complications.

Top BMT Hospitals in Nepal

Norvic International Hospital

One of the top critical care hospitals in the nation, Norvic International Hospital is still a full-service, multi-specialty care institution with the designation of an international hospital. Norvic is regarded as the most reliable healthcare facility in the nation, dedicated to providing patients with individualized and compassionate treatment while providing Quality Healthcare in the Nation’s Service. It is also praised for starting the nation’s private healthcare revolution. Norvic is now regarded as one of Kathmandu, Nepal’s premier hospitals.

Nepal Mediciti Hospital

A quaternary care hospital of the highest caliber with many Centers of Excellence. With the use of cutting-edge technology and the best medical brains, Nepal Mediciti offers multidisciplinary, holistic care. The goal of Nepal Mediciti is to become the preferred healthcare location in South Asia. Nepal Mediciti Hospital will offer a platform for the practice of safe, evidence-based medicine that is guided by global standards and protocols. They support research, instruction, and a unique workplace culture that upholds the highest moral and social standards.

Grande Hospital

A multi-specialty hospital in Kathmandu called Grande International Hospital provides both curative and preventive healthcare services. It was initially conceived as a patient-centered, socially conscious facility that offered exceptional treatment in a simple and approachable manner to the community it served. Through unmatched patient care and wellness initiatives, it seeks to address all of the country’s healthcare demands.

Sahid Gangalaal Hospital

Cardiology and cardiac surgery are specialties of the Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center. SGNHC is a full-service hospital that treats a variety of cardiac conditions. As a national referral center for cardiology and cardiac surgery, the center has established itself. The most cutting-edge technologies and best cardiac services are offered here. We are focusing on the preventive and curative aspects of cardiology and cardiac surgery. The number of patients coming to this facility is rising quickly. Therefore, we recently began offering a paying clinic. This facility is quickly establishing a reputation as a hospital specializing in treating heart patients.

FAQs on Bone Marrow Transplant in Sri Lanka

Where can I find BMT in Nepal Reviews?

You can find Bone Marrow Transplantation Reviews for Nepal here.

How can I book an appointment for a Bone marrow transplant in Nepal?

You can contact us to get an appointment for BMT in Nepal with the best surgeon.

Where can I find Nepal‘s Doctors list?

Get Nepal’s Doctor list at their website or here.

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